Thursday, June 27, 2013

And tonights task is....

....sticking stickers and bands on my coaster sets! Next step delivery!

I have screen printed four different designs into wooden coasters. I then apply four coats of varnish and back each coaster with felt.

While I have been working this evening I have been thinking about selling online. I just have a couple more orders to complete...then I'm going to start working towards having an online shop linked to this blog.

Right now I am just enjoying dreaming of the various products I'd like to make. I don't think it would be fair to sell the same products online that I sell to stores. So I'll need to have a new range.

As I am doing this part time it may take me a while to get from the design to the selling on line stage. So I have been a bit hesitant even mentioning it tonight in case it takes me so long to do it you start to think I never will! Hmm! The risks of blogging ones thoughts!?

But I love having a new project! And lately I have been discovering that doing a little bit of work...often...adds achieving quite a bit. ....eventually being the key word here!

Well, it's time to turn off the computer for the night.

Happy dreaming!

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