And the winner of my coaster giveaway is.....

Thank you all so much for entering my giveaway and leaving such lovely comments! And welcome to my new followers.

Overall there were 28 entries...from this blog and my Facebook page. So...this afternoon I drew 28 flowers and wrote everyone's name on the back.

I then invited my neighbour Petrouska to make the draw and she volunteered her children for the at 5 o'clock we all gathered. It felt like a party!

We put all the 'flowers' in my the lovely beanie my sister recently sent me...
And ...the winner is.....
Lynne Walker
 Congratulations Lynne!
Lynne entered via my Jill Butler Design Facebook page and chose the Pacific circle design. 
Thank you all once again for entering!
Jill xx


  1. Congratulations to Lynne...I'm sure she'll absolutely love those coasters Jill!

    1. Lynne is one of my new 'likers' on Facebook. It was a lot of fun doing the giveaway. And thanks so much for sharing it on your blog! That was just great. Hope you have a lovely day...perhaps talk later?


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