Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Various projects underway....and a guest doodle!

Good morning!
Doodling while talking to my sister on the phone last night....

My friend Terri is also doing a doodle a day. She has posted her first doodle...below... on her blog last  Friday. Isn't it stunning?
Hopefully she'll post some more soon... (hint, hint Terri :))

And another person has joined the 100 day challenge. My Dad! He has decided to practice the piano every day for 100 days! Brilliant!

Last week I bought metres and metres of unbleached calico and on Sunday I began to print. Here are some of the prints hanging on my drying rack.
I am rather excited about this because it is the first printing that I have done, which will be made into products to sell on my as yet unopened...very much only in my mind at this stage...online store.

Off to work now...
Hope you all have a lovely day!
Jill xx

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  1. Awesome doodling :) and looking forward to seeing the calico made up! xo T