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I challenge you... :)

So far so good...4 days and 4 doodles! Monday morning thought...
Is there anybody else out there who would like to join our game?
My friend Terri and I have said we are going to doodle daily for 100 days.
So....either publicly...or privately...
you may like to
....something you want to do but are not managing to get around to?
If something springs to mind....
...a project you have in mind that you've never got to...?
...and you'd like to do it daily for 100 days.
I'd love to hear from you...

Jill xx


  1. Hi Jill, what a good idea. I will practice the piano each day for at least 10 minutes, perhaps more. And at the end I will play you a piece that I've practiced. With good wishes, your Dad x

  2. Love the bird, Jill! I wish I had something to contribute but under stress my creative mojo just flees...sorry.

  3. I always really, really want to do things like this but I never follow through. I just can't commit... x

    1. Thanks Maxabella, I know the feeling...I'm hoping that because I've said I'm doing it so publicly that it might stick...? I am really enjoying it so 8 today!

  4. I'd love to be able to commit to something like this. I can't get past day 4 of the photo a day. Good luck with the doodling.

  5. Doodle-a-day, love it! And great idea to just open it up to a general 100-day challenge. There are lots of things I'd love to do each day for 100 days or more, but like the others above, I'm a commitment-phobe. Visiting via the Rewind.

  6. I love handwriting and each year I do six letters in six weeks. I sometimes do this as a linky but even just one a week for six weeks is usually too hard for most people!

  7. ooooooookay then, you've talked me into it.
    I shall dig out the sketch book (pristine, unused and 5 years old) and pencils and have a go at daily drawing/sketching....eeeek scary! Here I go......

  8. Hi Jill,

    I do something creative every day, in the evenings when the Kids are in bed and usually of the knitting or crocheting variety. It's such a great idea to have a time limit though to get an old project re-started and finished. I have a cross-stitch that I've been meaning to get finished for, um, 15 years now! Maybe I'll apply your 100 days theory, will let you know :-)

    Mel x

    1. Hi Mel, I was talking to a friend the other day and we thought the trick to keeping the 100 day challenge going is to set the daily task to something really minimal...5, 10 minutes? Then we'd feel so successful if we did more than that...high achievers at 15 minutes :) Hope you get to the cross stitch, and yes, let me know if you do!


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