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I took a walk one morning....

Over the weekend I went for a couple of walks on the land where I live and became fascinated with all the dried seed heads along side the path I took.

I picked some to take home and they have been the raw material and inspiration of a lot of my drawing this week.


Drawing by candle light during the power outage we had last night.

I have created another page on this blog called 100 days of doodling where I have been uploading a photo of the drawing I do each day.
I am now up to day 14 of the 100 day challenge. The reason I took on the challenge was that I have not done very much drawing in the past few years and was starting to fear that I was never going to. As a result, my confidence in my ability to draw and design was dropping.
At first I wondered what on earth to draw and was afraid that I would run out of inspiration pretty quickly and likewise my enthusiasm for the project.
I am relieved to say that after 2 weeks, the opposite is happening. If anything my enthusiasm is growing, and I have a expanding list of things I would like to draw and possibly develop into designs at a later date. 
I feel like I am in the process of participating in some sort of art therapy! So far...a tentative recovery is taking place..... :)
regards Jill xx


  1. What a wonderful idea! The drawings are beautiful. Hope the challenge leads you to where you want to go creatively.

    1. Thanks Kate! I'm hoping they lead to some more fabric designs eventually. But right now I just want to go with the flow.

  2. Wow! those 'doodles' are awesome :)

  3. See, you take those lovely seed pods and spent flowers and turn them into art. I take them and put them in the compost bin. I need to reassess where I'm getting my inspiration from!!! x

    1. When I have my gardening hat on it's another story! :)

  4. Gorgeous seed heads, and your drawings really capture their transience. Beautiful Jill :)

  5. You're so clever Jill - your doodles are incredible!


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