Sunday, July 28, 2013

Overcoming the terror of the blank page....

Talking with a friend yesterday on the phone...and we both agreed that it is too easy not to try new things when we draw or paint.
Sometimes you get to a point in a picture when you could do this...or that...and it is too easy...or less frightening to do the safe thing. We carry on drawing or painting making decisions based on what we know worked in the past, so that in the end we produce a picture that is often very similar in style to those we have done before. We shy away from experimentation in case we muck the whole thing up. We get all precious about the final picture and tend to make the safe decisions.
Or we hesitate about even starting because we are not completely sure about what we are doing.

What I am finding very freeing about the 100 day challenge I'm doing, is that all my doodles so far have been done on used photocopying paper. Sometimes when I photograph the drawing you can faintly see the print showing through from the other side!
This is making me feel much more courageous. If I start a drawing and it all goes horribly wrong...I can just toss it aside and grab another sheet...and I have done this a lot! in the knowledge that I am not wasting precious, expensive art supplies.
Some paper is so expensive that making a mistake or wasting it makes you feel so guilty! 
So the pile of rejected drawings is growing. Some just go straight to the recycling bin and others are put aside as possible ideas to revisit later.
Do you face a similar fears...with your creative projects?
Jill xx


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I am always saying to myself ' you need to be more bold' - I definitely play it too safe! /Niki

  2. I have fabrics that I hesitate to cut into...because they were quite expensive, which is really silly, I know! lol

  3. The more 'special' I want the outcome to be, the more hesitant I am about the way I use fabric or paper etc. Sorry I haven't been around...this is the first time I've used the computer in its new home in the front room!

  4. I think all creatives experience this. I have empty sketch books and unused yardage and yarn all deemed 'too special' to risk getting 'it' wrong with ... it's a ridiculous logic isn't it. And well done on getting over that particular hurdle with your doodle challenge :)