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So far this morning....

What a productive morning I have had!
First I finished off two card orders and then experimented a little with what I can do with a piece of cork I printed last week. I'm not sure about the colour...but am excited about the possibility of making cork pot stands and coasters! Or perhaps a mat for the centre of the dinner table to put our hot, straight from the oven casserole dishes on....

The colours here are not quite true to the actual colour I printed. They are actually a bit more turquoise.
I like the thought of white printing on the that will be my next experiment.
I have to admit I am rather in love at the moment with the freshness of white. I can't help but be influenced by all those lovely white based interiors that are being featured on blogs and in magazines at the moment. So light, and optimistic....
Are you a bit the same at the moment?
Below is my view, standing at the door way to my studio. It is a cold, rainy day, so absolutely perfect for turning on the heater, sipping a hot coffee, and playing around with ideas for future products!
 Now it's time for some lunch!
Jill xx


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100 days of doodling....

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine told me about a website where people commit to doing ...something....

...each day for 100 days.

Unfortunately, that particular 100 day project has closed and the people on it are up to day 34 already, so I've decided to do my own version.

What I want to do ...for 100 get out my black ink pen and draw...something...everyday for 100 days.

doodle #1 
I'm often having a little whinge to myself that I don't do enough drawing and

here goes...

It feels exciting...and who knows what new fabric designs may come out of it? But I don't really want to have too many goals or set directions. I'll just see where it goes....

My friend Terri is joining me in this challenge!

How about you? interested??

Jill xx

P.S. Take a look the page I have created called 100 days of doodling to see all the doodles I have done so far.

Printing on hessian...

Here's a few samples of  the new placemats and coasters I've been developing over the past couple of weeks.
The designs are printed on hessian and the edges zig-zagged  to stop fraying. They're fun to make and I have a few more designs too that I'll show you in a day or two as I complete them.
These ones have a nice, relaxed summer vibe. I hope you like them. 

So, now that I've figured out the designs it won't be long till I have some in my online shop.
Jill xx

Hydrangea design...

Last week I had a session printing my hydrangea design. So, more greeting cards coming soon.  The hydrangea design has been printed in creamy yellow on various colours of poplin. I'm loving these pretty spring colours at the moment.

Have a wonderful week! Jill xx