Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So far this morning....

What a productive morning I have had!
First I finished off two card orders and then experimented a little with what I can do with a piece of cork I printed last week. I'm not sure about the colour...but am excited about the possibility of making cork pot stands and coasters! Or perhaps a mat for the centre of the dinner table to put our hot, straight from the oven casserole dishes on....

The colours here are not quite true to the actual colour I printed. They are actually a bit more turquoise.
I like the thought of white printing on the that will be my next experiment.
I have to admit I am rather in love at the moment with the freshness of white. I can't help but be influenced by all those lovely white based interiors that are being featured on blogs and in magazines at the moment. So light, and optimistic....
Are you a bit the same at the moment?
Below is my view, standing at the door way to my studio. It is a cold, rainy day, so absolutely perfect for turning on the heater, sipping a hot coffee, and playing around with ideas for future products!
 Now it's time for some lunch!
Jill xx

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