Thursday, August 1, 2013

Contemplating a blank screen....

It's been a pretty full week. There have been my usual jobs...I garden, and tutor children after school in maths and English,... and I've completed a coaster order, started another, worked on a card order and doodled daily!
And in the back of my mind I've been thinking....

For many years now I have had my screens produced photographically. However, lately I keep thinking about hand painting some screens I did when I first learned to screen print. 
So, I have bought a blank screen and some filler (the easy part) and am now wondering what I am going to paint onto it.

And the terror of the blank page is bubbling up again....!
I need to remind myself that if I make a mess...I can delete it with turps...and start again! So if I don't show you a new hand painted design in the near future, you'll know what I'm doing...
...painting on....washing off...painting on...washing off....  :)
Here are some of the doodles I did this week as part of my commitment to doing a doodle a day for 100 days....

.....and some coasters.
These coasters are hand screen printed poplin, on a wooden base. The edges have been varnished, black felt glued to the underside and they have been sprayed with scotchgard to make them water and stain resistant.

I hope your week has been happy and productive.
Jill xx


  1. I love the idea of printing. I think the only time I tried it was at school. The shell doodle is my favourite.

  2. Hi Jill, Brigitte and I are sitting here oohing and aahing at your gorgeous doodles, she said that if you'd like to send the dandelion one over...and I like the row of weeds/dandelion one best...that she would be more than happy to stick it on the wall...well, you know what I mean! I can't wait to see your hand painted screen.

    1. Thank you both! I'll talk to you soon,... and let Brigitte know I'll send her the doodle. They're not on the greatest paper though!

  3. Your doodles are works of art in themselves Jill, the curves in that second doodle image are so controlled, I love it!

    I painted my own screens as an art student ... I can't say it's something I'm keen to get back to you, but I admire anyone who tackles this stuff, I know it's not easy :)

  4. I love your doodles Jill, especially the shell one. And your coasters are brilliant. Mel x

    1. Thanks Mel. Today on your blog I saw the knitting you did, inspired by the colours of shells. Beautiful!

  5. Hi Jill, you have been busy! Awesome doodles! Re the screen - You Can Do It! :)

  6. The chant goes up: Hand paint, hand paint, hand paint... go oooooon! It will all be delightful, whatever you do, Jill. x