Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spring dreaming....

So far this week my doodles have been all flowery. Perhaps the influence of the coming spring? Everywhere you look at the moment things are budding or flowering, so it's hard not to be influenced by that. Not that I've seen hydrangeas flowering as yet. That's just pure fantasy....

Take a moment to look at 100-days-of-doodling to see all the other doodles I have done so far on the 100 days of doodling challenge.

The other challenge I am working hard at is to get an online store up and running, and attached to this blog by the end of August.
I have written a list of what I need to do to make this happen and am slowly ticking off some of the items.
Still lots to do... :)

Have you got projects on the go? I hope they're going well!
Jill xx


  1. Hi Jill...we are in the middle of winter's last hurrah here..a little cold snap before the warmth of spring arrives properly. I love your stylised hydrangea flowers and the way you've captured the 3d effect of the 'flowerball'!

  2. The head's on the hydrangeas are lovely ... I could see that part of the doodle working as a fabric design. Of course the hydrangeas are flowering here, and they are among my favourite flowers.