The week that was...

Some weeks are a bit of a hard slog aren't they? Last week was like that for me. Perhaps I was fighting some bug or other...lots of flu going about at the moment. But anyway... I didn't succumb, if that's what it was and the exhaustion I felt at the beginning of the week gradually wore off, and now at the end of the weekend I am feeling fine and more or less ready for another week. Well, I could do with another day off....but that's just because I love being at home, and would love another day like today when I went for a walk with the neighbours ...chatted to friends on the phone...and to my sister in Australia...cooked a yummy dinner....and did my daily drawing.
Why wouldn't I want another day like that? :)

Here are some of the drawings I did this week....

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and are revitalised and ready for a great week ahead!


  1. I've just been looking for the tree doodle tree no 26 Jill...the trunk texture is fascinating and beautiful.

  2. Yes you've spotted it! That's the one I was drawing while on the phone to you!

  3. Love your drawings, Jill! Glad you are feeling better/revitalised :-)


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