Trees n' things........

Some of the drawing I did this week as part of my 100 days of doodling challenge....



  1. Lovely Jill! I see you've included my favourite tree. I love the touch of colour too.

  2. Wow. Amazing doodles. Love the tree with the swing.

    1. Thanks Renee! For a while now I've wanted a swing in my back thought I'd start by drawing one... and perhaps this summer I'll figure out how to build a real one.

  3. LOVE the fruit and vegies... sadly when I doodle I tend to write words, the same word over and over. I spoke to my Mum for hald an hour yesterday and at the end of the conversation I had completed covered two A4 sheets in the word 'August' ... I have no idea why!

  4. That swing ... I feel as if I can just detect a hint of movement, as if not so long ago someone was swinging on it!

  5. Doodles? Holy moly my doodles do not look anywhere even remotely amazing as these :) xx

  6. Jill, I have a thing for trees (if you haven't already guessed from my blog header) and your doodles are gorgeous. I especially love the first one. I really REALLY love that one. x


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