Daisys and butterflies....

Below is a photo from perhaps my youngest customer so far.

My neighbour, Miss J... aged 12... bought 4 of my cards in her favourite colours, framed them and has them displayed in her room. Great idea! Love it!
Jill xx


  1. What a lovely compliment on your work...looks great!

  2. Clearly a young lady with excellent taste in art :)

  3. Hello Jill, your cards look lovely framed like that . . . Miss J may grow up to be a designer, with a eye for art :) I love your doodles especially the paisley. Thank you for following my blog. I don't understand why your thumbprint didn't show up in my list of followers, I'm so glad you left a comment or I would have missed saying thank you. You might want to try again, so that it does . . . these computers can sometimes get stubborn. I am delighted to meet you. I too am a doodler and I love to doodle in my journal in the evening when my hubby is watch TV.
    Have a glorious day,
    Your newest follower and blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Hi Jill, I'm back . . . I flashed back to my blog and there you were, so ignore what I said about your thumb print not showing my. Let's blame it on a senior moment, LOL. I just celebrated my 68th birthday. I'm going to add you to my blog list, that way I wouldn't miss a single post, or fabulous doodle :)
    Keep smiling, your blogging sister, Connie :)


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