A pretty perfect Monday....

It's Monday and it's a public holiday here in Auckland...and I decided this morning to spend it at home doing exactly as I pleased! 
There is nothing that absolutely, imperatively has to be done today. 
Oh joy!

So...at first I took it slow. A lovely read over breakfast, a barefoot wander around the garden. And somehow...seemingly effortlessly I have managed to do quite a lot! I've cleaned and vacuumed and done a couple of loads of washing, made some yoghurt ...stopping to have a cup of coffee and a read whenever I felt like it. Dinner is in the oven, the house is tidy and I even managed an afternoon nap :)

And right at the end of the afternoon I got out some pens and paper and had a go at sketching the trees on the hill opposite my house.
 It's not usually the type of drawing I do, but I enjoyed sitting in the sun, pen in hand.

I hope you've had a lovely Monday too!
Jill xx


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, Jill! I love your sketching...very nice. So what is the public holiday in NZ for?

    1. Thanks Maria! Monday was Auckland Anniversary day.

  2. A day where nothing imperative needs to be done ... I am longing for one of those! Grab em when they come ... I'm with you all the way on that :)


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