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Some January thoughts...

I thought I’d enjoy blogging…

But when I write this blog I am always second guessing myself. I have been afraid to make it too personal and revealing. And yet I have also wanted it to contain my voice,… my thoughts. 

To date, this blog has been a bit of a cold place to be for me. I have recorded some of my work, but very little of what is really going on. 

Well, from now I want it to be a real outlet…a place where I can be more open than I have been...more  self-expressive.

I read other blogs, and one of the golden rules appears to be that you need to be positive all the time. Apparently no one wants to read about your gloomy days. Not that I particularly want to write a gloomy blog. But some days, being a self-employed designer can be hard, lonely, fear filled and financially it can often be downright scary!

Actually…mostly…I’m pretty optimistic. I love to dream and plan. I love starting new projects…and am ecstatic when I actually finish them! :)

Anyway…the long…or is it the short of it…I have decided that this year I am going to try and see this blog as a safe place…where I can journal the ups and downs of being me…

I have other goals that I want to achieve this year, both to do with my work and more personal. Apparently the most popular New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. Well…I’m one of that gang…and first off want to lose 10 kg by the middle of the year. This week I have sworn off sugar and am concentrating on eating healthily. Hopefully this also leads to feeling more energetic. Wanting to have more energy is actually my main motivation, as I've been feeling a bit flat recently. I’m also planning to walk a half marathon at the end of the year. 
Goals are such wonderfully energizing things aren't they? I can feel a bubbling up of enthusiasm as I write this!

So…with that all sorted I come to my business…

This year I have two main goals I want to achieve. 
Firstly I want to start selling on line
... and secondly I want to start increasing the hours I am able to work on my creative business from one day a week to three. So…that means growing my sales…doing more…so that I can cut down on my other work (gardening, tutoring).
...lots to do....

So far this year I haven't been inside my studio except to put things in and take things out of the freezer that also has its home there. Since Christmas I have only  been working part time... grabbing every day I haven't had work commitments to relax. I did get away for four days with friends. We went to Whangarei Heads...a few hours north of Auckland. The weather was amazing and all we did was walk, eat, swim and lie on the beautiful beach not far from where we were staying. Bliss! it's time to open up the studio,to start planning, and dreaming and creating....

Happy New Year!


  1. Good luck with those goals Jill. And I don't know which blogs you're reading but the ones I frequent often have posts about keeping it real and blogging the downs as well as the ups.Go for it ... blog it all :)


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