Monday, July 7, 2014

I have a new project!

On Friday I am starting a 100 day challenge. I'm all signed up on the official website and ready to go! Actually I'm a little nervous about the time commitment! But at the same time I'm really excited.

And my project? I am aiming to create a wooden patchwork quilt of small paintings on pieces of pine 130mm sq. Each day I have committed to spending at least half an hour in my studio...painting ...patterns, still life... Whatever takes my fancy on the day! 

I haven't painted for years, but have been wanting to for some time now.
So I've hunted out my brushes and paints and given myself a talking to about allowing myself to make bad art in the hope that improvement must happen if I keep going.

If you haven't heard about it, go to 100daysproject. Basically lots and lots of people have committed to doing something creative, daily, for 100 days. Each day the participant takes a photo to prove they have done their task and uploads it onto their own page on the 100 days project website. Follow the links on the website to see the wonderful things people did last year.

My page address on the 100 day project site is Jill (100 day project) 

So, this weekend I have been chopping up pine boards into 130mm squares, and sanding them, so that on Friday I can just get down to the painting.

Perhaps you are interested in creating your own 100 day challenge? There is still time to register. Or perhaps you'd rather do it unofficially like I did last year when I did 60 days of doodling ? It was supposed to be 100 days but I didn't quite make it! :)
Jill xx

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