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A bit of this and that....

Over the weekend I got the black pen and a pile of photocopying paper out...

I spent a few hours thinking about the kinds of designs I would like to paint onto screens, and what products I would like to make. Lots of work still to do, but I had a nice time doodling and pondering.

Last year I participated in the 100 days project. I set out to paint for 100 days...but only managed to do it for 45 :) I just thought I'd show you that I have hung some of the little paintings in my home. I've grouped them for the kitchen....

and my living room.

As the wooden squares are quite light I have simply stuck them to the walls with blu-tack. It has been quite successful, except on exceptionally humid day this summer. Then I would come home to a few scattered on the floor!

And, new in my shop this week? 
A pack of 6 gift cards.... 
I printed three flower designs onto unbleached cotton with either black or white ink. I then mounted the fabric onto card, so that the design can be seen on both the front and the back. 

And how wonderful...the long Easter weekend is nearly here! 
Happy Easter to you!

Jill xx


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Time to get focused....

Lately life has been getting in the way of my ability to focus on this little business. I've been feeling keen...excited...but too time poor to spend much time in my studio. Elderly parents and my gardening  business have been taking priority.
But I know from past experience that if I don't have my design work plodding along beside all those other commitments my life just doesn't seem to work starts to feel out of balance.
So this morning...I gave myself a bit of a talking to and decided that I need to turn my focus a little towards this creative venture.  As I typed the word venture, I wanted to delete it and write adventure instead, because that's what I am craving...creative adventure. So...let the creative adventures begin!!
Small steps...for the next few weeks I'm going to use this blog as a place to record the daily steps I take to get this part of my life back on track again.

Teapot stand now available in my online shop
Jill xx

Creative adventure day 2....

Day 2 of my new creative adventure and two lovely things happened today. 
First, the lovely people who run, (that hosts my online shop), showcased one of my products on the homepage....
and second, a lovely friend of mine bought a set of coasters.

This afternoon I had to take my car to get a warrant of fitness and learned that I needed something small but expensive fixed. So, came home feeling a bit despondent...The enthusiasm I felt yesterday for pushing ahead with this little design business had waned under the looming car bill...
Then I turned on my computer and discovered that lovely things were happening in my day that I had been unaware of and felt encouraged. 
So, back on track, refocusing and blocking out silly things like car bills....what small tasks can I do today?

I'm going to wrap up the coasters ready to post tomorrow,...
Sand some more coasters ready to print...
Start making a new makeup bag...
And of course, publish this blog post.

Don't you just lo…

First day back...

It's my first day back in my studio this year...
Too many tea breaks as I'm at a bit of a loss. A bit nervous.  A bit excited. Not sure what I'm doing. 

Vague ideas about projects I want to do, but nothing fully formed. Focus required.

I've pulled all my drawings and inspirational bits and pieces off my studio wall. 
They are tired.
So last year!

I want new.
A clean slate, a new page.

A couple of screens are stacked, ready to paint.
An empty wall wants decorating with new ideas.
Writing this....excitement is winning over nervousness.
Jill xx