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Flowers...and other stuff...

Summer is winding down. There is just a hint of autumn in the air and the summer flowers are fading...
But I managed to find a few flowers in the garden to photograph with the coasters and place mats I have made during the last week.

These sets of 6 place mats and coasters were made to order and have now been sent to their new homes. The pacific style designs are hand printed on wood. Four coats of varnish is then applied to give them a glossy finish.

Last week I also spent an evening painting a new screen. For a while now I have been wanting to hand paint the screens I use for screen printing, rather than designing them on my computer.
Such was my enthusiasm that I just felt completely compelled to paint a screen one evening. I based the design on one of the paintings I did for my 100 days of painting last winter (day 37).

However, I didn't really think about what I am going to use the design for. So, though I'm quite pleased with the result and learned quite a lot about the process, I'm not quite sure what to do with it now. Oh well :) back to the drawing board...
...and something might occur to me about how to use the screen...

And something I keep forgetting to mention...

Last year I moved house. I didn't mention it on this blog because when I was going through it all I stopped blogging as I was so busy. Anyway, the wonderful thing is that mid last year I had a small cottage built on the back of my parents section, in west Auckland. Fortunately they have quite a large section, so even with my parents house and my small cottage there is still plenty of garden. We are all keen gardeners and I have really enjoyed sharing the garden since I move in last May. Almost a year ago! 
Below are a few photos...
(I'll save some photos of the actual cottage and my studio for another time.)

 The view from my deck, taken late last winter...

My cat whisper enjoying her new home in the spring...

And another spring tomato plants. I went out to take a photo of the vegetable garden a moment ago but it's not looking very photogenic...all bedraggled and end of season-ish.
We went on to plant beans, zucchini, lettuce, capsicum, cucumbers, spinach, parsley and pumpkin. I have been feasting on all this lovely fresh produce for most of the summer. The tomatoes have overwhelmed us and last night mum and I began mincing and bottling them. I'm looking forward to using some of it in winter casseroles and soups.

The beans in this picture are being saved for seed, for next season - precious Shiny Fardenlosa! 

Jill xx


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100 days of doodling....

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine told me about a website where people commit to doing ...something....

...each day for 100 days.

Unfortunately, that particular 100 day project has closed and the people on it are up to day 34 already, so I've decided to do my own version.

What I want to do ...for 100 get out my black ink pen and draw...something...everyday for 100 days.

doodle #1 
I'm often having a little whinge to myself that I don't do enough drawing and

here goes...

It feels exciting...and who knows what new fabric designs may come out of it? But I don't really want to have too many goals or set directions. I'll just see where it goes....

My friend Terri is joining me in this challenge!

How about you? interested??

Jill xx

P.S. Take a look the page I have created called 100 days of doodling to see all the doodles I have done so far.

Printing on hessian...

Here's a few samples of  the new placemats and coasters I've been developing over the past couple of weeks.
The designs are printed on hessian and the edges zig-zagged  to stop fraying. They're fun to make and I have a few more designs too that I'll show you in a day or two as I complete them.
These ones have a nice, relaxed summer vibe. I hope you like them. 

So, now that I've figured out the designs it won't be long till I have some in my online shop.
Jill xx

Day 40, Hibiscus painting complete....

On Friday, I finished my fourth 100 days project painting, of a couple of small hibiscus branched placed in a mug. 

Last week it was looking a bit touch and go as to whether I continued doing the project. Those leaves seemed to take forever! ...and I was tired! :) 
Now that I'm back on track, I can really see the value of trying to do something for 100 days, through tiredness, through a lack of ideas, through boredom. I feel like I'm in training to have a bit of grit and stickablility. Here's hoping anyway!
So, crisis over for the moment and I've spent the last couple of days planning and doing the under painting for the backgrounds of my next couple of paintings.
57 days to go!
The project finishes on the 1st of September, the first day of spring. That means only 57 days of winter left too! Nice thought!
Jill xx