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Being a little bit brave....

I've decided to do something brave. In fact I've already started doing it. I started this week, but by mentioning it here on this blog I'm hoping it will take on a more official sort of status in my mind.

You may or may not know, but making things and screen printing is very much a sideline for me. Basically I earn my living through gardening, housework and tutoring. 

I have been really frustrated recently because I am just not getting enough time to work on my Jill Butler Design projects.

So...this week I have decided that I'm going to spend Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon in my studio. Added to my regular evening and weekend work, hopefully more progress will be made...more new designs and products.'s official. 

It may not seem like much as you read this. Where's the bravery in that you ask? Well, it's basically dropping a day from my regular employment, so it's just that money thing... It just feels risky and that's the reason I have been dithering over making such a decision till now.

Apart from that it feels exciting :)

Jill xx


  1. Great idea! and hold on to that excitement feeling :)


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Jill xx

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