Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This lovely pot of daisies is currently brightening my deck. It's great to have such a profusion of colour in the middle of winter.

I love daisies....
They’re such and honest, unpretentious sort of flower, don’t you think? Pretty and cheerful. 

...and in my family we have a soft spot for this  particular variety, the Shasta
daisy, as they were the flower in my mothers wedding bouquet....

Mum and dad still grow the same variety in their garden and in January, the month of their wedding anniversary, they flower. 

So, it's only logical that daisies are the subject of one of my designs. 

I love their simplicity and timeless appeal.

Jill xx

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  1. I love these daisies too as my mum had them in her garden and we would pick them and arrange them in a yellow fresh looking. Love the photo of your parents; such an elegant wedding dress!