Sunday, June 28, 2015

Setting myself up to....

Early on Saturday morning I wrote a list of all the things I would love to do this weekend. It is a long list, of household tasks, an outing I had planned, and some some of the things that are part of my current Jill Butler Design to do list, that I thought it would be great to achieve. 

Well it is now Sunday afternoon and I have achieved very little on the list! I can tick off only 5 items and have done a little towards a couple more.

My first instinct is to get cross with myself...and this isn't even logical. I've been busy...I've been doing...and I had set myself up to fail!! :)

There was never any chance of my completing all the things on my list in only 2 days. I think realistically I will be pushing it to do all these thing (and do my regular paid work) by the end of the week. 

So it got me wondering why I was so unrealistic at the beginning of the weekend? I think I was really writing a list of possibilities. At that stage I didn't want to pin myself down. I wanted to think of all the things I could do. It felt positive and exciting and I was imagining just how great I will feel when all the things on my list are completed.

I just got the timing a bit wrong. 

So now I have a new goal... the end of the week I'm going to.....

And in the book beckons...and a lovely cup of coffee...

Do you set yourself unrealistic goals and then get mad at yourself for not achieving them?

Jill xx


  1. Aaah yes the list... well mine wasn't as long as yours and I still haven't got to all the things on it, but I reminded myself to be happy with what I had achieved. Having a cuppa helps too :)

    1. Yes, a cuppa helped ...and writing the blog post helped a lot too. Blog therapy!