Saturday, January 30, 2016

A new drawing challenge...

30/01/2016 - Baby feijoas
I read an article yesterday about an English artist, Helga Crouch, whose beautiful botanical paintings are always of the flowers and fruits that grow in her own garden. 
Lately I have been thinking about setting myself a drawing challenge, in order to keep practicing and this story has inspired me. For the rest of this year I am going to do one drawing a week based on the plants in my garden. 

 Country Living Magazine April 2009, pg 68
I'm a keen gardener. I love it. I do it as a job. And many of the fabric designs and paintings I do are of plants and flowers. So this challenge just feels so right. My hope, of course, is that my drawing and observational skills improve and that some of the drawings may act as a springboard for new designs. I'm going to post the drawings I do on this blog as a way of keeping me on track with this challenge.

Jill xx

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