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It's been a while...

Christmas, New Year, 2015...they disappeared in a blur of  busy-ness. For a couple of months I felt like I was chasing my tail, never quite managing to stop still long enough to focus on some of the things I was longing to do. At last things have settled down a bit so that last weekend I was able to simply stop. It was glorious,...blissful! I spent the weekend reading a whole pile of magazines a friend had given me, meditating, writing, pottering in the garden, sipping numerous cups of coffee and thinking about what I wanted my 2016 to look like.

I havn't been feeling very creative...tiredness does that doesn't it? Well, as soon as I felt rested the ideas started to flow and with it my enthusiasm.

So this week, for the first time in a while I painted a screen, printed it. I wanted to see what happened when I sketched quickly onto the screen using a bottle of resist with a nib. I learned a few things in the process, The most important lesson...relearned!!....was to leave enough space around the design to put the ink! You'd think I'd have enough experience not to do that? Apparently not :)

 Jill xx


  1. Wow that looks lovely! Good lesson for the next one :)


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A couple of days ago, a friend of mine told me about a website where people commit to doing ...something....

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Jill xx

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Jill xx