Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 21 of the 100 days project....

Its day 21 of the 100 days project and I've finished two paintings and have some others on the go.

 It is a bit of an eye opener to me seeing what I can achieve by consistently painting day after day. Some days I have spent a couple of hours painting, and some days hardly any time at all, But even with limited time it is astonishing how quickly the work accumulates into a finished painting.

The other thing that I am finding really exciting about doing this project is how ideas are starting to flow as a consequence of focusing on painting to a much greater extent than I have for quite some time.

The following two pictures are the paintings I have finished so far...
Painting 1

Painting 2
And these are the 2 paintings I'm still working on...

Jill xx

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