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Hydrangea design...

Last week I had a session printing my hydrangea design. So, more greeting cards coming soon.  The hydrangea design has been printed in creamy yellow on various colours of poplin. I'm loving these pretty spring colours at the moment.

Have a wonderful week! Jill xx

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100 days project, Day 89...

Painting finished at last!

Jill xx

It's been a busy week....

Lots of time in the studio this week...making product, designing labels and taking lots of photos and loading up my online shop.
I've also been continuing with the 100 days project, where I have committed to a regime of painting daily. I'll share some photos of what I've been painting in my next blog update.  In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend!
Jill xx

Day 75...100 days project...

I finished this painting last 75.

It's been so interesting participating in the 100 days project this year. It has really taken over my life. It's a huge commitment. But I'm not complaining. I'm loving it. I find that I am looking forward to my evenings spent painting at my kitchen table. I love the feeling of concentration and immersion. I don't love every painting I have done while on the project, in fact there is one I really don't particularly like at all. But I feel like I'm getting closer to painting the way I want to paint. 
I remember a discussion with a friend, years ago, who wanted to learn to paint, and we decided that she should paint 20 paintings, and by the end she would surely have improved a lot and have found her sense of painting style. At the time I remember thinking that I ought to do that myself, but I never gave myself the time to do so. 
Well, I think I'm ready to take up that challenge. 6 complete so far. Do I have t…

100 Days Project, Day 70...

Day 70 of the 100 days project and here is the latest painting I've been working on.
Yesterday I mapped out the leaves...a bit nervously, but also with a bit of 'what the heck' attitude. I can always paint over or wipe out mistakes! 
I think this project is gradually teaching me to just get in and do something. Even if it's a mistake it's better than procrastinating.

So, here's to a week of "Just get in there and do it...just try!"
Jill xx

100 days project, painting #5 complete...

Each new painting is a learning experience, and of course when I finish each painting I'm pleased with some aspects, and critical of others.  But such is the nature of the 100 days project and the painting daily practice, there's not a lot of time to dwell.
Painting #6 is calling me... :)
Jill xx

Still in the game...just...!

It's day 65 of the 100 days project and the task I've set myself is to paint daily. 
Well, I almost have... I'm 2 days behind. 
So I've decided it's okay if I do a couple of separate painting sessions during the next couple of days, that will catch me up and I'll be on track again. Not precisely painting every day, and not precisely doing the project to the letter, but it's been a bit challenging in the past 10 days or so with a parent being in hospital and then myself getting a cold. 

The painting above is the one I'm working on at the moment...

This one I thought I had finished on day 40, then added the striped tablecloth and a couple of other details on day 57. 

And this one is waiting in the wings, under painting done, soon to be worked on gain.
Hope you're having a good week! Jill xx