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Cats and mothers and weeks that don't go according to plan...

Good morning! It's Monday morning...just...and the beginning of week three of my three month plan to re-start my little design business.
So, how did last week go?  Hopeless!
On Monday I decided to work on a clients garden as the weather was gorgeous. The plan was that this would free up time toward the end of the week for some design work. 

But no. On Tuesday evening I got sick with a dreadful stomach flu. Wednesday and Thursday were a right off.
Then on Thursday afternoon my elderly mother fell in her kitchen, knocking her head. She was trying to avoid standing on the cats tail and lost her balance. Fortunately I was in the next room at the time and could apply pressure to the wound and call an ambulance. The cat is fine:) She screeched and ran.
It turned out the wound was not as serious as it first looked. Cripes head wounds bleed don't they?
But still, mum needed 5 stitches and a scan. We got the all clear that she could go home from the hospital at 1:30am, not requiring t…
Good morning! I was woken early this morning by my cat meowing in a rather demanding way at my door, so thought I'd take the plunge while the world is quiet, to write a blog for the first time in many, many months. I'm excited to be back in this space.

In the past week, I've been doing some planning.... I have a friend who also has her own business and we have decided to coach each other to achieve some goals we have set for three months time. She has a business up and running, but wants to reach a new level, and I want to resuscitate mine :)

So, I now have a three month plan. Broad goals. Nothing too specific as far as products go as I have found in the past that if I get too dictatorial and plan too much, my artist freedom fighter within starts to rebel and the only thing I don't want to do is the task I have set myself. If the plan says make a cushion, I'll want to make cards or paint. So, I have plans around time, social media posts, numbers of products in my …