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Wooden placemats...

Hello! I've just spent the afternoon and evening screen printing a selection of my designs onto wooden placemats for a customer...the Poi Room...a gorgeous store here in Auckland.

I haven't printed this design for a while. It was inspired by stained glass windows.

I'll start varnishing them tomorrow.
Now it's time to wind down and relax as it's 9.30 pm here....
I hope you've had a productive Monday!

Wordless Wednesday....

Last night, at around 10pm, the power went off.

A big rain storm hit my area yesterday afternoon and in the last couple of days it has become alot chillier. But it is the fierce winds that caused the power to go out. So...I felt my way to the drawer where I keep my matches and started lighting candles. I am becoming quite used to the candle routine since moving to the valley 5 years ago! I have learnt that high winds means possible power outage. So I am prepared.

Today the rain has continued....very heavy at times. But the power is on thankfully.

I have spent the day making gift cards. I make fabric covered cards and sell them in a few lovely outlets around New Zealand.
So today I heatset some printing I had done a week ago... and cut... and glued... and printed some more.

In my last post I talked about how I am loving neautral colours at the moment and that is true. But I love lots of colour too! Today, being dull and wintry, I did enjoy producing fabric that has a more summery …

Loving monochrome...

I do love colour...but it is theneutral shades that are inspiring me at the moment. I like the simplicity of monochromatic designs in shades such as black, white, cream, beige and grey, and I love the way that they can go together in the same room, even though the motifs can be quite different. At the moment I am inspired by the feeling of tranquility the reduced ranges of colour bring to a room.  I am enjoying printing simply with black or white on linen and cotton. It is interesting that having just one colour printed, such as black and white, sometimes highlights the lovely textures and weaves of the base cloth.
Do you have any colour favourites at the moment? regards, Jill