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Some Christmas shopping ideas...?

If you love New Zealand made, and still have a few Christmas presents to buy, take a look at . 
It's the website that hosts my own online shop and I've just spent an hour or so browsing.  So many lovely things! Here are some of my favorites....

objectify $32.00
elephantbird $30.00
ghdesign $43.00
lynseyhats $89.00
woodgrainnz $60.00
firecracker $33.00
pepindesign $12.00
denisem $45.00
Jill xx

More peg angels...

Jill xx

Peg angels...

I had a pre Christmas lunch to go to today, and had the last minute idea of making each of my friends at the lunch a little angel as a gift.
So, I spent Saturday evening painting and gluing, and this morning before I took them to the lunch to find their new homes, we had a little photo shoot...

Jill xx
I've just spent the evening making cards.

I got totally immersed in the colors and making up sets of 6 that go together.
Jill xx

Christmas cards complete....

I've made them, photographed them and they're now for sale in my shop...

Now I'm going to turn my attention to printing some place mats. I have a couple of orders. I meant to get stuck into some printing yesterday (Saturday), but the energy and the will were lacking :)

I had a lovely day off instead. I did some gardening in my vegetable patch and had a lovely visit by friend and her gorgeous baby. We sat in the sun while her baby played on the grass in front of us...and got more and more relaxed. A perfect Saturday really.

My friend also brought around some a pile of books, one of which is 'French Country Living" by Caroline Clifton-Mogg. It's 10 years since it was first published, but really it hasn't dated. I ended up reading it last night and feeling so inspired by the gorgeously subtle color palette used in the homes that were featured.
Love, love, love!
Makes me want to print in soft aquas, blues and earthy pinks...make cushions, print on gorgeous co…

Christmas designs...

I spent this afternoon printing some Christmas designs.  I'll make some cards out of the fabric in the next day or two.  I got a bit of a fright to realize Christmas is only a month a way! I guess you're all waking up to that fact too?

Jill xx

New beginnings...again :)

It's been a while! So hello once again!
I seem to persist in being a very inconsistent blogger :)
Oh well, my other life...the day jobs (where I garden and tutor for a living) took over for a while....

I love gardening and tutoring, but I'm never quite happy living only in that other life of mine, so eventually the studio beckons and the urge to spend more time doing what I do there has been growing stronger.

Being spring, my gardening business has been extremely busy. A little bit of warmth and the weeds seem to start growing about an inch a day, and those 'winter tidy' gardens that I tend start turning into wild chaos very quickly. So for a while gardening has been taking up most of my energy.

But, as I said, after a bit, the studio has been beckoning and in the past week or so I have been feeling more and more inspired to start making again. I haven't achieved very much, but I have doing what seems to be my usual pattern of creative warm up exercises.

I have bee…
The Hundred Days project finished on Saturday and I really admire those who made it to the end! 
Unfortunately I only made it to the half way point (doing a little painting each day). I loved sitting at my kitchen table painting each evening, but then I got busy in other ways and I dropped the hundred days ball. 

But even though I only made it to day 51, I can't help thinking about possible projects for next year :)
Take a look at 100daysproject to see all the amazing creative projects documented there.
Take care... Jill xx

My online shop!

Have you visited If you haven' is definitely worth a look!
Felt is an online marketplace, where New Zealand artists, designers and crafts people can sell their, homewares, art, accessories...and more... 

Recently I started to load up my own little shop on Felt.
So far I only have 3 products loaded, including the set of 6 fabric covered gift cards in the photographs above and below.  I'll be concentrating on loading up more products in the next month.
If you'd like to visit, go to or click on the 'felt' button on the sidebar next to this post.

And...from my shop...visit my neighbors! There truly are some wonderful things to see and buy on the site.

regards, Jill xx

100 days of painting continues...

Here's a small selection of what I've been painting in the last couple of weeks.... It's been a bit hard to keep going as other parts of my life have got really busy.  So...hanging onto the project by a thread :)

Jill xx


A week ago I was lucky enough to be given a big bunch of daffodils! I adore yellow flowers...particularly daffodils. So sunny and cheerful... And while they reined supreme on my book shelf some of their lovely bright color crept into the little paintings I was doing. Of course I couldn't resist trying to paint one. Hmmm...very hard to do. The perspective...the delicate papery feel... Oh dear!  All I can say is...plenty of room for improvement...but you've got to start somewhere ? Right?

Jill xx

Winter flowers....

In between the dreariness of winters rainy days there are increasing numbers of flowering trees. Bulbs are coming up and plants that have been pretty dormant throughout the winter are tentatively putting out new growth. The sun, when it's out, is a little warmer and the days are slightly longer. It's lovely to see these early signs that spring is on its way.

But right's raining and as evening sets in...cold! :)

Here's a selection of the paintings I did in the last week.

Today is day 32 of the 100 days project. I haven't done today's painting yet...but if you'd like to see what other peoples people are up to with their 100 days projects take a look at the website. Just click randomly on a name. Apparently there are over 2000 people taking part, so you can imagine the variety of projects. Amazing! I hope you have a lovely week... Jillxx

My wooden quilt so far...

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Jill xx

A quarter of the way....

Yesterday was day 25 of the challenge I am doing , where I aim to paint a small painting everyday for 100 days.
It is late winter here in New Zealand and the camellias are flowering. I have been picking them to put in vases on my windowsills. Some of the flowers fade quite quickly, but most last at least four days once cut.

 Yesterday, day 25 of my painting challenge, I decided to paint a sprig of one of the smallest Camellias in the garden, called Transpink.

 Here are some of the other paintings I have done in the past 4 days...

Jill xx