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A pretty perfect Monday....

It's Monday and it's a public holiday here in Auckland...and I decided this morning to spend it at home doing exactly as I pleased!  There is nothing that absolutely, imperatively has to be done today.  Oh joy! first I took it slow. A lovely read over breakfast, a barefoot wander around the garden. And somehow...seemingly effortlessly I have managed to do quite a lot! I've cleaned and vacuumed and done a couple of loads of washing, made some yoghurt ...stopping to have a cup of coffee and a read whenever I felt like it. Dinner is in the oven, the house is tidy and I even managed an afternoon nap :)
And right at the end of the afternoon I got out some pens and paper and had a go at sketching the trees on the hill opposite my house.  It's not usually the type of drawing I do, but I enjoyed sitting in the sun, pen in hand.

I hope you've had a lovely Monday too! Jill xx

I think a little focus is required....

Reading other blogs lately, I have noticed some bloggers have adopted a word that for them encapsulates what they want from 2014. What a wonderful idea!
I have given this a bit of thought…and have decided that my word for this year is going to beFOCUS.

Don’t you agree that whatever you focus on tends to grow, to shine…to gain life. Without focus projects become stymied, ideas are forgotten, and goals are put on the back burner…perhaps to be aired once more at the beginning of the following year.

Basically, my goals have not changed that much in the past few years, and the fact that I have not achieved them to date is largely…I believe …due to my lack of focus. I have been coasting along and unfortunately I am finding that the longer I coast the more my confidence and belief in myself wanes. So this year I am making a stand, to focus on the things I want to achieve in the belief that small successes will restore my passion, energy, confidence and enthusiasm for becoming the artist and …

Some January thoughts...

I thought I’d enjoy blogging…
But when I write this blog I am always second guessing myself. I have been afraid to make it too personal and revealing. And yet I have also wanted it to contain my voice,… my thoughts. 
To date, this blog has been a bit of a cold place to be for me. I have recorded some of my work, but very little of what is really going on. 
Well, from now I want it to be a real outlet…a place where I can be more open than I have been...more  self-expressive.
I read other blogs, and one of the golden rules appears to be that you need to be positive all the time. Apparently no one wants to read about your gloomy days. Not that I particularly want to write a gloomy blog. But some days, being a self-employed designer can be hard, lonely, fear filled and financially it can often be downright scary!
Actually…mostly…I’m pretty optimistic. I love to dream and plan. I love starting new projects…and am ecstatic when I actually finish them! :)
Anyway…the long…or is it the short of it……