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Days 14 to 21...

Another weeks worth of paintings....

 I've got into a routine of painting every evening at the kitchen table. Though I have a few ideas of what I might paint in the future, I never make the final decision until I am actually sitting down and ready to paint. In that way the exercise feels oddly that I do no preparation, and I am painting in the moment, just for the joy of it. 
Perhaps some of that attitude will flow into the way I feel when I sit down to design fabric. I love the sense of play I am feeling when I do these attitude of "what the heck I'll just try it and see what happens".

Jill xx

More little paintings...

These are the paintings I have completed this week as part of the 100 day challenge I am on.  Today is day 13.  Spending time painting is a lovely way to spend these mid winter evenings.'s so cold!

I've also done some printing on calico this week, but have momentarily misplaced my camera. So next time I'll show you what I've been up to. Jill xx

Monday 11

Day 7

...and still painting...

I have committed to doing a painting every day for 100 days. 
 Jill xx

100 days of painting...

Two more small paintings part of my challenge to paint daily. I'm really enjoying painting straight into the pine boards and using the wood as part of the overall design.

Jill xx

The 100 days project has begun!

The 100 days project has begun!  It is now day 2 and I have just completed today's painting. 
For 100 days I will do small paintings on 130mm sq pine boards. 
If you have a moment, check out what the other people are doing on 100daysproject website. 
Jill xx

Calico coasters...

While the weather raged wet and windy outside, I spent today in my studio making coasters.

The coaster will come in sets of 4. They have a wooden base and are mounted with printed calico featuring my flower designs in black and white. They still have to be backed with felt, waterproofed and packaged, but eventually they are going to be my first product in my online store.

Jill xx

Warming up...

I got the pastel pencils and paint out last night and played around with them. I just had fun :)

Jill xx

I have a new project!

On Friday I am starting a 100 day challenge. I'm all signed up on the official website and ready to go! Actually I'm a little nervous about the time commitment! But at the same time I'm really excited.

And my project? I am aiming to create a wooden patchwork quilt of small paintings on pieces of pine 130mm sq. Each day I have committed to spending at least half an hour in my studio...painting ...patterns, still life... Whatever takes my fancy on the day!

I haven't painted for years, but have been wanting to for some time now. So I've hunted out my brushes and paints and given myself a talking to about allowing myself to make bad art in the hope that improvement must happen if I keep going.
If you haven't heard about it, go to 100daysproject. Basically lots and lots of people have committed to doing something creative, daily, for 100 days. Each day the participant takes a photo to prove they have done their task and uploads it onto their own page on the 100 days pro…