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Some Christmas shopping ideas...?

If you love New Zealand made, and still have a few Christmas presents to buy, take a look at . 
It's the website that hosts my own online shop and I've just spent an hour or so browsing.  So many lovely things! Here are some of my favorites....

objectify $32.00
elephantbird $30.00
ghdesign $43.00
lynseyhats $89.00
woodgrainnz $60.00
firecracker $33.00
pepindesign $12.00
denisem $45.00
Jill xx

More peg angels...

Jill xx

Peg angels...

I had a pre Christmas lunch to go to today, and had the last minute idea of making each of my friends at the lunch a little angel as a gift.
So, I spent Saturday evening painting and gluing, and this morning before I took them to the lunch to find their new homes, we had a little photo shoot...

Jill xx
I've just spent the evening making cards.

I got totally immersed in the colors and making up sets of 6 that go together.
Jill xx