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Something to think about...

A very dear friend framed this quote for me as a New Years gift. 

She gave it to me a week ago and since then I have been mulling over the truth of it and actually, it has made me feel very grateful. 
I currently have two main jobs. One is my designing and screen printing business and the other is gardening. 
I am so lucky that I have arrived at a place where I have two jobs that I love... having spent years and years of trying many, many jobs. 
I have worked in banking, human resources, sales, librarian, shop assistant... the list goes on... All these jobs have had good points of course and for some people they are perfect. But I always felt restless... always wondering if there wasn't something else out there...
And somehow, through a bit of luck, experimentation, determination and perhaps a bit of desperation I have found myself where I am now. I have been doing this mix of gardening and designing for a few years now and overall I have a sense of coming home and being in just …

White rose coasters...

Last night I finished making a set of White Rose coasters. The rose pattern is screen printed onto unbleached calico which is then mounted on wood. The coasters are sprayed with scotchgard for water proofing and stain resistance.

Jill xx

Back in the studio today!

Back in the studio today!...for the first time this year.  I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New year! If you live locally...haven't we had a gorgeous start to the year weather wise? But wherever you are...all the very best for a fabulous 2015!

I have spent the day making cards for my online shop...
The set I have completed is a set of 6 cards...2 rose, 2 daisy and 2 chrysanthemum. The designs are printed in black on a background of pale blue, turquoise and lavender fabric.

Are you still on holiday, or are you, like me, getting back into it?
I have been fortunate and have had a wonderful break, showing my lovely grown up niece around Auckland. She wrote a postcard home to her family in Australia which said ...Shopping...Eating ...Swimming... Says it all really! :)
Jill xx