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A flower a day...

I started this painting a couple of months ago....

 ...and got rather overwhelmed with the amount of work it was going to take to finish it.  I put it aside. But, I've picked it up again...

....and have decided to tackle it in bite sized bits....

...just a flower a day... Jill xx

Small paintings for sale...

I have a few small paintings now for sale in my online shop.

These are small acrylic paintings...just 13 cm x 13 cm and painted on hand sawed pine boards, They are part of the collection of paintings I completed in last years 100 day project.   On the back is a string loop so that they can be easily hung on your wall.

Jill xx

I'm having a SALE!!

I'm having a stock clearance sale!

Sets of 4 printed calico coasters were $25 and are now only $15 Sets of 2 printed calico placemats were$32 and are now only $25

All of these products are made of hand screen printed calico, mounted on a wooden base, backed with felt to protect your table, and are sprayed with scotchgard for waterproofing.
If you are interested in buying please go to my online store.These are the last of these products in stock.
New products will be in store shortly!  regards, Jill xx


I sat down in the garden after lunch today and practiced drawing roses.  This gorgeous plant produces great blousy blooms. I'm feeling very rusty in the drawing department so, doing these roses presented quite a challenge. Note to self...must do more drawing!!

Jill xx

A bit of white...

...a Sunday afternoon project.

Jill xx