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All part of the job....?

Last week started with a bit of a confidence crisis, a low mood, a questioning whether or not I'm on the right track,  Familiar territory in a way,  ....particularly when I'm faced with the next step... ....something I'm not quite sure how to do...
Questions arose..."can I do this? I want to do this? what would I do if I didn't do this,"  Sound familiar?
Thank heavens for good friends! ...Friends who have projects of their own and who are very familiar with sometime being stopped in their creative tracks. 
So, over cups of coffee, a lunch and a takeaway dinner, my life and theirs were thrashed out. And in the end, goals were affirmed and ways forward mapped out.

I hope I helped them as much as they helped me.
I also got a bit of help from one of my old favorite books, like The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron.
....visited online with some of my favorite artists... 
... and listened to some pod-casts by my current favorite Smart Creative Women
And then…