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Playing cards...

I'm spending the evening sorting out some new card packs, various designs and color combinations. Then I will need to photograph them and load them for sale in my shop.
I've loaded a couple of sets (below) and I'll do the rest over the weekend.

But overall it's not been a particularly creative week. A lot of my time has been spent on the more boring part of having a business...books, tax,,, Oh well, there's no avoiding the boring stuff sometimes is there.
I did manage to do a bit of a doodle one evening... It was rather meditative and relaxing after spending hours adding up columns of figures.

Jill xx

Print, paste, cut...

The studio is full of color today as I settle in for a session of card making.

I hope you are having a lovely week! Jill xx

Finished at last!

Image you may have read in previous posts, I've done a lot of starting, but not so much finishing.
Well, today I was determined to finish one of my projects. 
A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with making cosmetic bags and today I finished three, photographed them and loaded them in my online store.
So here they are! 

I've really enjoyed making them and yesterday bought some more fabric so more colours and designs will follow soon...

...though perhaps a little more finishing should take place before I start printing these new fabrics :)

Jill xx

Work in progress...

Just a quick hello...
I'm still beavering away at those unfinished projects...

Hopefully soon I'll have some photos of finished things, rather than these 'work in progress' photos. I hope you're having a lovely and productive week. Jill xx