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Cup of tea?

Right now I'm feeling a bit flat and lacking motivation. 
 I've just been through a period of feeling really creative, masses of ideas and lots of energy. When I'm like that I just want to work all the time. Then gradually I get more and more tired, until I need to stop.
So I stopped. And now I'm in that stage of wanting to get going again.
I think it's the hardest part of the creative cycle.
Over the years I've developed a few strategies to get past particular phase. The first thing is to recognize that it is just part of  my creative cycle. Often it takes me ages to cotton on to this and that makes it much harder to move through it. 
Something else I do is to write my daily morning pages (3 pages of longhand stream of consciousness writing) as prescribed by Julia Cameron in her wonderful book The Artist's Way.  So I did them this morning and already feel a bit better. I wish I could be more consistent in doing them!
Making sure I eat well and get enough …

A bit more personal....

As many of you know I have an online shop, hosted on the site called felt. Felt is an online market place for everything New Zealand made. This week the lovely people who run the felt website have kindly featured me on their blog as part of their series call 'meet the maker'. 

So if you would like read the post, go to

While you are on the site, take a look around some of the wonderful things that New Zealand crafts people and artists are making. Jill xx

Pine prints...

I've been printing on pine this afternoon. These will eventually (over the weekend perhaps), become teapot stands.

 I've just been on Facebook and there was a post saying that the 100 days project is starting again on August 24. I've been involved in doing this twice before and you can see what I have done previously here and here. The hundred days project is about choosing something creative that you want to do and then doing that for 100 days. If you are interested in doing a project yourself go to the official website Once you sign up you get a page of your own where you get to photograph what you accomplish daily. It's great if you want to immerse yourself in something creative for a while or want to get into the practice of living more creatively on a daily basis. I loved doing it past years, but have to admit I didn't complete the 100 days.
Perhaps this year I'll manage it :)
But what to do....? 

Jill xx